Feeling Fabulous

Wednesday, August 5. 2020

I am feeling absolutely fabulous!!! I have been hot flash free and void of many of the other perimenopause symptoms for over a year now. I attribute that to my new lifestyle. I work out more consistently and I no longer eat large amounts of refined carbs. I stopped drinking my favorite beverage of all time too- Sweet Tea. I noticed that when I drank it my body would start radiating heat from my chest up to my head. I almost felt like I was going to pass out. Those heart palpitations have disappeared completely. I have regained my balance. Of course I no longer feel weak.

Actually, since eating for nourishment, I have a renewed sense of energy. I feel like I can go go go. I have reached many of my goals but I still have many more goals to reach. I know that as long as I keep Him first and take care of myself, the sky really is the limit.

I will be sharing with you soon some of my favorite recipes and exercises so please stay tuned.....

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